Holy Trinity Parish Church

  • Number of bells: 27 (two and a half octaves)
  • Heaviest bell: tuned to D, 31 cwt (1590 kg)
  • Transposition: up 1 semitone (D)
  • Construction: 1926, 1938, 1962, 1998, J. Taylor & Co.
  • Current carillonneur: Christine Gascoigne
  • Address: Holy Trinity Parish Church, South Street, St Andrews, Fife, Scotland, KY16 9UH (view on Google Maps)
  • Technical information about the bells: See relevant Dove’s Guide entry


The carillon is played before services on a Sunday evening and at various other times during the week.


The tower which houses the carillon dates back to 1412. The first 15 bells of the carillon were dedicated on St Andrew’s Day, 1926; a further two bells were added in 1938 and then six more in 1962 which meant that the chime officially became a carillon. The newest bells were added in 1998 which brought the total to 27 bells and enabled a greater variety of music to be played. All the bells were cast by John Taylor & Co. of Loughborough.